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Thank You

I sincerely want to thank everyone for all of the love and support put into this project. It started off as an idea with some bad drawing skills to a team of artists that have all worked together to create something spectacular. To be able to read comments of how this comic has inspired others to pursue their dreams and seeing people giving their valuable time to make anything for this is truly generous of you. I was surprised to see how much my team had encouraged me to continue this comic the way I had originally written it (for mental health awareness), even when it seemed like the story wasn't going to be popular. I was close to giving up, which led me to believe that I've failed all of you. These feelings have changed with my team and dedicated fans who did want this to continue. The one thing that I wanted to do so much was to make a difference and help others. Having my team and supporters wanting the same is helping us move forward. With this story, I hope that we can show the common hardships many struggle with and share different ways in helping eachother. Phobiana would not be where it is without your support, so I greatly thank you.




Tiffany Lowery (Creator)